I’m Melanie Walsh, a PhD candidate in 20th- and 21st-century American literature at Washington University in St. Louis. I’m working on a dissertation that follows postwar American literature as it’s been recirculated by networks of readers in the 21st century, tentatively titled Postwar Redux.

Other things I’m excited about include “American Fiction in the Social Media Age,” the undergraduate literature course about new media and the contemporary American novel that I taught last fall, and the Digital Approaches Reading Group, a community of facutly, grad students, and staff broadly interested in “digital approaches” that I helped establish.

In my spare time, I play shooting guard for the English department intramural basketball team, “Negative Capability” (yes, the Keats kind), where the nickname on the back of my jersery is “Eyre Jordan” (yes, literary puns galore). I also like to make Twitter bots on my raspberry pi raspberry pis are just the cutest , including a Kanye West/Walt Whitman mashup, a memed-out William Carlos Williams, and a bot that captures James Baldwin’s digital afterlives.