“Tweets of a Native Son.” A large-scale computational analysis of tweets that invoke James Baldwin in relationship to #Ferguson and the #BlackLivesMatter movement.

Song of Kanye Bot. A Twitterbot that tweets Walt Whitman’s “Song of Myself” from Kanye West’s perspective, line-by-line, twice every day. Check out the source code on GitHub.

Dada Network. An interactive force-directed publication network of Dada journals and authors taken from the third chapter of Jörgen Schäfer’s bibliography Exquisite Dada. For more details about the Dada Networks Project and how I built this network, see my HDW Summer Fellowship presentation.

Things The U.S. Presidents Described as “Great” in Their Inaugural Addresses. A data exploration of the nouns that came immediately before or after the word “great” in 58 Inaugural Addresses. Produced for the February meeting of the Digital Approaches Reading Group (DARG) at WashU. Visualized as a dendrogram, a radial sunburst, and an interactive force-directed network.