“Tweets of a Native Son.” A website featuring data visualizations about James Baldwin’s 21st-century digital afterlives that can be explored by students, fans, and scholars: #BlackLivesMatter tweets, popular YouTube videos, library circulation data, and more.

Sample Social Network Datasets For Teaching With Gephi (and Other Tools Like It). Network datasets include: characters in the Game of Thrones universe; modernist authors who published together in journals; characters in the Marvel Universe; seventeenth-century Quakers; books about U.S. politics that were co-purchased around the 2004 presidential election; and people in TrumpWorld. A sample Gephi project created with the Game of Thrones network data can be viewed and explored as an interactive web network here.

Mapping the Birth (and Death) Places of Nobel Laureates. Geospatial dataset for the birth and death places of Nobel Prize Winners from 1901-2017. Find the dataset; a sample QGIS/Leaflet project; and a sample Google Maps project.

“Lil’ Microfiction Generator.” A React application that tells randomly-generated stories about Academia 📚, Hollywood ⭐, and the NBA 🏀.
*Check out the Lil’ Microfiction Generator source code on GitHub

@SoSweetBot, with John Ladd. A Twitter bot that retweets parodies of William Carlos Williams’s 1934 poem “This Is Just to Say.”
*Check out the @SoSweetBot source code on GitHub

@TweetsNativeSon. A Twitter bot that retweets mentions of “James Baldwin.”
*Check out the @TweetsNativeSon source code on GitHub

@SongofKanye Bot. A Twitter bot that tweets Walt Whitman’s “Song of Myself” from Kanye West’s perspective, line-by-line, twice every day.
*Check out the @SongofKanye source code on GitHub

@SignBunnyBot. A Twitter bot that retweets #HistorianSignBunny memes.
*Check out the @SignBunnyBot source code on GitHub

Dada Network. A d3 publication network of Dada journals and authors taken from the third chapter of Jörgen Schäfer’s bibliography, Exquisite Dada. For more details about the Dada Networks Project and how I built this network, see my HDW Summer Fellowship presentation.

Things The U.S. Presidents Described as “Great” in Their Inaugural Addresses. A data exploration of the nouns that came immediately before or after the word “great” in 58 Inaugural Addresses, which can be explored as an interactive network.